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Certificate III and IV in Fitness

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness

and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness Orphic Education (RTO 45678)

Quality & Care

Club Lime gyms are the largest health club brand of Viva Leisure and one of the largest independent health club groups in Australia.

Orphic Education and Club Lime are proud to be partnering together to deliver the Orphic model of Fitness Education in the State of ACT. We are both committed to improving the standards of Personal Trainer in this Country, and growing the industry with vision and purpose.

Studying with us inside our first ever Club Lime & Orphic Education course will be the best investment you have made in your career!

We're on a Mission.

In order to do improve the standard of new Personal Trainers, we needed to first distinguish the most beneficial, and relevant, elements involved in Fitness Education – and build a model that holds these elements at its core. We believe these elements are:

  1. The practical implementation of key theoretical concepts.
  2. The development of a diverse practical skill-set through real-world learning.
  3. And lastly, having an engaging Trainer who actively invests in their students.

The Orphic model enables students to gain access to world class facilities, highly educated Coaches and Trainers, exceptional student support and industry opportunities to ensure you’re not only prepared to be a Coach, or Trainer – but you’re ready to excel.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you!

Why Choose Us?

Partners in Excellence

Partnering with Orphic Education offers us the perfect opportunity to help develop the standard of Personal Training here in the ACT.

The practical workshop structure of Orphic Education’s Cert III & IV will allow us to develop some seriously awesome personal trainers and strength & conditioning coaches.

If you are considering a career in the health and fitness industry and you want to have the best chance at succeeding then this course will be the best opportunity for you to build your practical skills and knowledge.

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Certificate IV Course Elements

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