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Landing Page – Adonis Athletics – Certificate III/IV in Fitness

Now providing future Personal Trainers the same competitive edge with Certificate III and IV in Fitness

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness

and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness Orphic Education (RTO 45678)

Where the Strong Belong.

Adonis Athletics is the first commercial strength & conditioning facility to open in Australia and is currently the biggest chain of 24:7 strength and conditioning facilities in the nation.

It is founded by a Masters degree holder in Sport & Exercise Science specialising in Sports Peformance. All of the systems of programming are based around a decade of consistently producing national and world level athletes and lifters. Adonis Athletics boasts a massive team of coaches who specialise in various fields from powerlifting to strongman, athletic development, weightlifting, hypertrophy and nutrition.

Our foundations are all about second to none coaching knowledge, quality equipment, and environment that demands hard work and programming systems that simply deliver results.

This Course is Different

We have partnered with Orphic Education because it gives Adonis Athletics an opportunity for the first time to be able to directly influence the future of upcoming professionals in the fitness industry.

We want to help you make the right decisions going forward and to be equipped with real-life knowledge that is current, tested and proven to produce results time and time again.

Why choose Adonis Athletics?


“Training at Adonis Athletics is second to none – the camaraderie, the support, the environment and the experienced coaches is what makes it the place to be…”

– Najat Khoury

“The training environment and the friendly people make Adonis Athletics real special. Everyone eggs on each other to do their best all the time.”

– James Le

“1: I am allowed to deadlift. 2: I have access to proper powerlifting equipment which you don’t have access to at most commercial gyms. 3: I have the luxury of having one on one feedback …”

– Marlena Gabriel

“Knowledgeable and experienced coaching staff. Motivating environment surrounded by like minded people. High quality equipment with some being competition specific…”

– Anh Minh Ken Nguyen a.k.a. Kennylicious/BBK

“Without Adonis I would never have been the person I am today and I would never have been able to meet some of the people I call my best friends. I would be lost without these guys.”

– Bethany Parker

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Certificate IV Course Elements

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