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The Fitness Education Solution You’ve Been Looking For.

Orphic Education (RTO ID 45678) provides trusted and comprehensive Personal Trainer education through Certificate III/IV in Fitness and various PT upskilling courses.

Orphic’s blended delivery model allows you to begin your Certificate immediately online upon enrolment.

Practical class dates indicate the commencement of the next round of face to face classes which provide an opportunity to build exceptional confidence and competence as a coach.

Certificate III/IV in Fitness is; SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor/Group Fitness Instructor) & SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness.

Fitness education can be complicated. We‘ll simplify it for you by taking it back to its foundations...

The Orphic model enables students to gain access to world class facilities, highly educated Coaches and Trainers, exceptional student support and industry opportunities to ensure you’re not only prepared to be a Coach, or Trainer – but you’re ready to excel. 

World-Class Facilities

All courses delivered in private facilities, with a Team of invested professionals.

Professional Coaches & Teachers

From Coaching in the AFL to owning multiple facilities, our Teachers have seen it all.

Diligent Student Support

We’re always here to give you a push in the right direction, and provide the support you need.

Industry Networks and Pathways

With extensive industry networks, the opportunities post-course are endless.


The Vision We began with a clear goal in mind...

That goal was, and still is, to create a positive movement in Australian Fitness Education.

We’re doing this by reconnecting Fitness Education with the principles that are at the core of the role of a Coach or Trainer – click below to find out what these principles are, and how we are achieving our goal.

Already a Coach or PT? We have plenty of tools to enhance your toolkit.

Personal Trainers should always continually learn new skills and knowledge in their field. This is called “Enhancing your Toolkit”!

The more skills and methods you know, the more tools you can use on your clients – and the better the results will be!

Whether that is to further specialise in a niche, add a new service to your business or simply get your existing clients better results – there are so many reasons why a PT or Coach should always look to add to their toolkit! Click below to find out more.



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Orphic Education (RTO ID 45678) provide trusted and comprehensive Personal Trainer education through the Certificate III/IV in Fitness and various PT-upskilling courses.